Cost Saving.....

It has been shown that pre-cut shims are around four times more cost effective than hand-cut machine shims in time alone. You only need to think about how long it takes to find shim material of the required thickness; mark it; cut it from the sheet stock; deburr and flatten it. How much simpler and quicker it is to select one that's all ready for use.

Our line of shimming materials contain different sizes with slots to fit machine bolts: Metric M12, M18, M27, M36 & M52 or imperial ½" up to 1¾"

This Means that almost any type of machine foot is accommodate. The user can choose between solid stainless steel shims or Laminated shims.

Time Saving.....

It's not just the cost involved in producing hand cut shims either. Using precut shims allows the time that would have been spent on hand cutting, to be used more productively and effective for your business

RAYBLOC® for Plummer blocks
The RAYBLOC® is a solid stainless steel shim purposely made for the alignment of plummer blocks. The slots are designed to accommodate both bolts and dowels on all the popular Plummer block sizes. Due to its revolutionary design the RAYBLOC® gives complete support for the entire Plummer block assembly for extra stability and longer life expectancy.

Easier stock control.....
Keeping track of precut shims - which come packed in special cases containing shims of different thickness' separated by clearly visible dividers - is far easier and less time consuming than running an inventory of sheet stock
High quality stainless steel shim stock available in either Metric(RSM) and Imperial(RSI) thickness'. Dimensions are a handy 150mm x 305mm for RSM kit and 135mm x 305mm for the RSI kit. Both kits are convenient to utilise and provide a high degree of flexibility to suit your shimming applications.
Safer work place.....
Our precut shims also contribute to safe working practices, reducing the danger of injury during the installation and cutting. All are finished with rounded corners and perfectly deburred for maximum safety.

Solid shims in high grade stainless steel (BS 1449 PT219981 304 S15) solid shims, individually marked with thickness, are available in each size. They come in packs of 10 per thickness:

A selection of thickness' and sizes are also available in packs of each size, or in refillable aluminium framed cases fitted with clearly marked slots to hold individual sets of shims.

More reliable.....
Precut shims also offer increased machine reliability. After all, the more exactly the machines are aligned, the longer they are likely to run without breakdown or damage.
Increased accuracy.....
When accuracy to hundredths of a millimeter is vital in providing optimum support for machine feet during rotating operations; even the merest fraction of inaccuracy can cause vibration, which may in turn result in breakdowns and expensive machine downtime. The use of precut shims offers consistently accurate positioning, so reducing the likelihood of such disasters
Laminated shims and sheets
Laminated shims are available in each size in precut packs of 20, or uncut sheets, in either brass or stainless steel.
Each shim has a thickness of 1.00mm divided into 12 layers (8 of 0.10mm and 4 of 0.05mm).
Laminate shims always fit - just peel off layers to the required thickness

Pre-cut shims at a glance.

  • Precut shims are made of high-quality stainless steel to prevent corrosion from exposure to acids or alkalis
  • Precut shims are available in several machine foot sizes, each with different thickness options to give the right alignment correction facility for almost any machine.
  • Precut shims are easily and quickly identified by permanent marks indicating thickness
  • Precut shims are completely flat, ensuring stability and consistent machine support over the full surface of the shim.
  • Precut shims are burr-free and have specially rounded corners to avoid injury to operatives during alignment and positioning.
  • Pre-cut shims have an extraction and insertion tab to facilitate positioning and removal, each clearly marked with thickness.
  • Pre-cut shims are available in many pre-packed options to suit your requirements.